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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene [WASH]

  1. Safe water storage through construction of water wells, provision of water filters in various Regions
  2. Water Education with a focus on helping individuals and communities know the value of water and also how well they can dispose off Waste safely.
  3. Natural Resource and environment Protection to promote an awareness on climate changes and stopping of global warming in the world .

Poverty Alleviation 

  1. Strengthening and creating more Cooperative societies in communities
  2. Youth Empowerment and skill development workshops 
  3. Leadership and Career Guidance workshops
  4. Adding Value on Vegetables and other fruits to create employment to different households.

 Sexual Reproductive Health and general Health with a team of expertized Volunteers

  1. Campaigns on awareness on HIV/AIDs Epidemics and STIs and working closely with teams that will help attain a positive goal of an HIV/AIDs free UGANDA-AFRICA.
  2. Maternal Health
  3. Early teen Marriages both in rural and urban centres
  4. Campaigns on stopping Female Genital Mutilation
  5. Compaign on malaria free Uganda-Africa and the world in general.

Adult Literacy covering 

  1. Girl Child and Adult Education
  2. Campaigns on Human Rights, We protect and advocate for human rights at any level.
  3. Gender Violence, with an emphasis on fighting and prevention of violence against children and women in communities of uganda and beyond.

Orphans and Rehabilitation 

  1. Campaigns on drug abuse and providing counselling sessions to the affected individuals in various communities
  2. Volunteer works to help restore faith and build trust and confidence in the lives of orphaned children, homeless and faced with natural calamities.
  3. Restoration of street children through foster homes and allocating them to specific homes and orphanage centers.


Our members make change possible. They're the people we call on whenever and wherever human rights, Transformational development programs that are under attack. Their actions, big and small, put pressure on governments, institutions and decision-makers to do the right thing.


Your actions could help bring development amongst African communities. Change laws to stop
violence against women, vulnerable children or becoming the voice of the voiceless . So take action today, and help protect people's human rights, abilities, and innovative ideas in the communities that we live in..


The Power of Involvng in a good causeVolunteer your energy, talents, and resources to bring hope and transformation to those who suffer and want to change their communities. and also to bring to pass the organisational mission.